St. Paul Lutheran Church
Christian Day School

Bulverde, Texas

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

CDS Parent Information

Student Registration

In order to enroll your child in the St. Paul CDS preschool program, the following items need to be presented at the time of enrollment (click links below to download forms):
Admission and Health Forms
    -Including Health Care Professional Statement noted on page 2.
    -We need current immunizations at the time of registration per state law licensing requirements.

2.  St. Paul CDS Parent Student Handbook
    -Needs to be read and reviewed.  Required Signature page is below.

3. St. Paul CDS Parent Student Handbook Signature Page

4. Information Release Form

5. Discipline and Guidance Policy

6. Non-Refundable Enrollment Fees
    * This holds a place for your child at St. Paul CDS

 7. Food Allergy Emergency Plan
      -This applies only if your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy by a physician

Enrollment Fees
*All enrollment fees listed below are non-refundable, due at registration, and can be paid by check, money order or cash.  Credit Cards are not 


Registration Fee:
$60 per child

Supply Fee:
Two Day program: $100/yr ($50 due at registration and $50 due in September)

Four Day program: $150/yr ($75 due at registration and $75 due in September)

The Bridge: $200/yr. ($100 due at registration and $100 due in September)

1/2 of First Months Tuition:
Please refer to St. Paul CDS Parent Student Handbook


Thank you for choosing to become part of our family, your child's early childhood education is important to us. 



Two-Day and Four-Day Programs

Our two-day programs are either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.  Our four-day program is Monday - Thursday.  The Bridge requires a four-day enrollment, Monday - Thursday.

All of St. Paul Lutheran Christian Day School programs follow the Comal ISD school calendar
for days that we are closed.  The start and end dates of the Christian Day School are different - we always start the Tuesday AFTER Labor Day and we end the Thursday BEFORE Memorial Day. Our program is closed during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.   We will also be closed the Monday after Easter. We have two early release days each year.  The Thursday prior to Christmas Break and the last day of school.  We will end school at 12:00 p.m.  The Christian Day School DOES NOT follow Comal ISD early release dates.

Children in the 3-5 yr old class must be potty trained by September 1st of the current school year.

Student:Teacher Ratios

We are very proud of our student teacher ratios here at the Christian Day School. Our ratios are very low compared to the average school. Ours are as follows:

Toddlers - 5:1
Two year-olds - 7:1
Three/Four year-olds - 8:1
Four/Five year-olds - 9:1
The Bridge - 9:1

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